ARBERLAND REGio GmbH is the driving force behind activities relating to promotion and development in the district of Regen and provides expertise in regional management, tourism promotion and economic development from a single source.

The ARBERLAND REGio GmbH district development organisation aims to advance the development of business and tourism networks and actively approach cross-sectional topics in the context of strategic location development. We also provide advice on EU subsidies and services in the areas of location marketing, commercial space management and the organization of national and international sports and recreational/ leisure events. We serve as the first point of contact for a wide range of interests in the district of Regen and beyond. In doing so, we support projects that are relevant to the district’s future, from conception and consulting services to networking, marketing and public relations.

This allows us to market the district of Regen as a region with a future for work and life through consistent external communication.


Areas of business


Initiating projects, networking leaders in technology, image advertising for ARBERLAND, making volunteer work more attractive – these are only a few of the numerous activities the regional management of ARBERLAND REGio GmbH are engaged in. The work of the regional management is important for the district of Regen’s development, as it is directed at measures and projects designed to reinforce the region as a whole and make it fit for the future.

Our focus areas in the 2019-2021 FöRLa project promotion:



ARBERLAND is a hospitable and must-see vacation destination. And the tourism promotion team of ARBERLAND REGio GmbH is dedicated to making sure that everyone finds out! Tourismusförderung Arberland is a modern provider of tourism services with a wide variety of responsibilities, ranging from state-of-the-art marketing and public relations to professional service management and a whole array of other special functions.

The staff at Tourism Promotion have embraced the concept of modern “tourism of the heart” and work closely with government offices, providers of tourism services, hotels, guest houses, clubs, societies and other organisations to ensure that guests feel comfortable in the district of Regen before they even start their vacation. And, of course, feel even more comfortable when they are here!

What we do

  • Target group marketing
  • Our Kinderland office provides services for family-friendly vacations
  • Individualised event management
  • Tourism quality and education campaigns
  • Call centre services that are customer-oriented and flexible
  • Our Bavaria-Bohemia project office provides cross-border destination management

Targeted, individualised economic development is an important part of what ARBERLAND REGio GmbH does. The provision of sustainable support to companies located in the district and to potential investors is one of our priorities. Maintaining and intensify existing local contacts is crucial in our work. Our clients can rely on us as a partner who supports the development of their business in the best possible way. Speed, flexibility and closeness to citizens foster a business-friendly environment.

The main foci of economic development are:

  • Identifying funding opportunities
  • Assisting with site selection
  • Supporting business start-ups
  • Networking

Your Regional Management contact person

Tobias WittenzellnerHead of Regional Management/ Management LEADER09921 9605 4140
Teresa KaißLocation Marketing/ Image Building09921 9605 4148
Maria SchneiderVolunteer Work Promotion/ ARBERLAND Technology Network09921 9605 4116
Melanie WeinbacherGlass Industry Promotion09921 9605 4132

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