Live your dream

Do you wish for your own house with a garden and a multitude of opportunities for personal and professional growth? At a price you can afford, in a region where others go on vacation? With childcare options that you don’t need to reserve years in advance? In a family-friendly environment?

In ARBERLAND all that is more than just a dream. Here, building plot and house prices are still relatively low. Many municipalities even offer subsidies to home builders with children. Various childcare options in crèche facilities, preschools, day care centres and schools make it easier for you to reconcile the demands of family and work. The low cost of living, excellent healthcare, wide range of schools, colleges and other educational establishments, the well-developed public transport infrastructure and numerous programmes for young people offered by the local sports clubs and societies are only a few examples of just how family-friendly the ARBERLAND region is. All this within the setting of vibrant village communities, where clearly “home” is so much more than just a place: it’s also a feeling or, as the locals would say, it’s “dahoam”.

Is there anything else you’d like to know?