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ARBERLAND draws its strength from a very special mixture: its landscape, culture and way of life. We, Bavarian Forest locals, know where our roots are. We love the region. We are proud of our natural and cultural landscapes, our customs and our traditions. Instead of anonymity, we choose life in strong communities. Our more than 1,000 clubs and societies are proof of the fact that we are there for each other, dependable and down-to-earth. In ARBERLAND, our social life is still intact. People know and appreciate each other and help one another. The district of Regen is a place where we call our neighbours by their first names and also meet up with colleagues outside work. Alongside this strong feeling of togetherness, ARBERLAND is also packed with culture. There are markets, folkloric events and the region’s age-old tradition of glassmaking, along with music, theatre and festivals.

ARBERLAND means More enjoyment in life, More quality of life and More culture in your life.

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The Bavarian Forest is very much defined by its highly distinctive customs, art and music – and the same can be said about ARBERLAND. Many traditional festivals and customs are still alive today, such as the annual spectacle of “Wolfauslassen”, where the wolves are scared away. You will find lots of information on these traditions and customs and on events and festivals in ARBERLAND on the “Tourismusförderung” (Tourism Promotion) website.


In ARBERLAND, art and culture take pride of place. On the website, “Kunst und Kultur im Landkreis Regen” (art and culture in the district of Regen), you will find details of upcoming cultural events and information on art and historical treasures, monuments and museums in ARBERLAND. You can also find more information on art (galleries, exhibitions and artists), music (concerts, music lessons and folk music) and literature and theatre (libraries, authors, theatre groups and festivals).


ARBERLAND has one of the richest traditions of glassmaking in the whole of Europe. The first glassworks were set up here many centuries ago. The glass region’s website, “Glasregion ARBERLAND”, gives you an insight into the world of glass. Here you will find information on the history, glass artists, glassworks, glass galleries, factory sales, and other glassmaking facts and figures.


Every day, volunteers in ARBERLAND make an invaluable contribution to our communities. In its role as a district coordinator, the regional management agency supports and promotes civic engagement by offering a free information and training programme for the district. The details are summarised here.

On the website of the district of Regen, Landkreis Regen, you will find more detailed information on volunteer cards, volunteer certificates, the “young helping the elderly” project called “Jung hilft Alt” and integration facilitators.


Our calendar of events gives details of all events and attractions relating to culture, music, health, sports, courses, concerts, days out, etc., listed according to where in ARBERLAND they are taking place.

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