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Being and staying healthy equates to quality of life. ARBERLAND offers a high-performing, patient-focused health care system. The available medical services range from primary care through high-end medical procedures to preventive care and rehabilitation. Two modern district hospitals, two rehabilitation clinics, 19 providers of both inpatient and outpatient care, around 120 general practitioners, 21 pharmacies and numerous physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists are based in the district of Regen.

ARBERLAND also has five recognized spa and climate therapy resorts, several luxury wellness hotels and a variety of health related offers focusing on prevention, sports and leisure activities. The unique combination of nature, recreation and an outstanding healthcare system provide the best possible basis for a healthy life. Therapists, nurses and doctors, too, find ideal conditions here for both their professional and their private lives.

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The “Gesundheitsregionplus” concept of the Bavarian Ministry of Public Health and Care aims to improve state-wide medical care, health promotion and prevention by setting up regional networks. The district of Regen has embraced this forward-looking approach and has been dedicating itself to this task as the ARBERLAND Health Region Plus since the spring of 2015. You will find all the information on the „Gesundheitsregionplus ARBERLAND“ programme here.


Arberlandkliniken operates two clinics in Viechtach and Zwiesel. They provide basic, standard and emergency care throughout the district of Regen.


The “ARBERLAND-Klinikstudent” programme aims to support recently qualified doctors in their career development and thus encourage them to settle in the region. The scholarship is awarded to medical students who originally come from the region and are interested in working as a doctor at the clinics in Viechtach or Zwiesel after completing their studies. Details of the support programme can be found here.

Since the 2020 winter semester, there has been an additional scholarship programme for students of medicine from the region that waives the “Numerus Clausus” grade-point average criterion. In cooperation with MediStart GmbH & Co. KG, Arberlandkliniken offers up to three slots a year without the Numerus Clausus requirement and the associated waiting periods. The students study at the state University of Rijeka in Croatia. In addition to receiving generous financial support, the students are also supervised and supported while they are in Rijeka. Details of the support programme without the Numerus Clausus admission requirement can be found here.


The ABERLAND clinic’s support programme for midwives and obstetric nurses, “Hebamme/ Entbindungspfleger Arberland”, aims to encourage midwives and obstetric nurses from the Bavarian Forest to start or continue their training at ABERLANDKliniken and to later work as a self-employed midwife or obstetric nurse under contract for the department of obstetrics and gynaecology. Details of the support programme can be found here.


“It’s great being a rural doctor” – that's the philosophy behind the “LandArztMacher” incentive scheme which, through its “Excellent Summer“ and “Excellent Winter“ projects, seeks to appeal to young doctors and attract them to the region. The scheme includes content that isn’t, or cannot be, covered in medical school or during advanced medical training and aims to generate a sense of enthusiasm and identity for their job as a doctor. The details of the Excellent Summer and Excellent Winter projects can be found on the LandArztMacher website.


Taking time out from the pressures of everyday life is important and fosters a sense of well-being and satisfaction. A combination of rest and relaxation, yoga and meditation can restore your inner balance. The Tourism Promotion website lists the details of all the best places for a time out. You can also discover how wellness works at home, which places radiate a special energy and how you can experience the forest with all your senses while forest bathing.

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