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Do you like working with people and for their wellbeing? Then a career in the social sector is the right path for you!

Working in the social sector gives you the chance to make the world that little bit better. Not only are people like you highly sought after, but they’re also doing something that could hardly be more meaningful and fulfilling. Nothing can replace the feeling of helping people recover from a critical illness, treating them, caring for them and looking after them.

When you do your training. you can choose to focus on the elderly, children, people with an illness or disability, or care in general for all ages and situations. Today, more and more young people are choosing careers in education, nursing, medicine and therapy.

ARBERLAND offers so many career options – the only thing you need do is decide which area you want to work in and what makes you happy.

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At the Zwiesel und Viechtach locations of Arberlandkliniken, health care is close at hand. Excellent career opportunities await you, whether in practical nursing, birth care, in the rescue service or one of the many other services. Click here to view job vacancies.

Arberlandkliniken is also the place for you if you’re looking for a job after your training in the healthcare sector (or have work experience). Here you will find useful information on the various training programmes:


MVZ ARBERLAND has centres in Regen, Zwiesel and Viechtach, ensuring patients in Regen and beyond have access to specialist care. MVZ Arberland GmbH is a subsidiary of Arberlandkliniken. The medical specialties provided include neurology, gynaecology, neurosurgery and internal medicine. Here you will find job openings and the contact details of the central recruitment office.


The “Gesundheitsregionplus” concept of the Bavarian Ministry of Public Health and Care aims to further improve state-wide medical care, health promotion and prevention by setting up regional networks throughout Bavaria. The district of Regen has embraced this forward-looking approach and has been dedicating itself to this task as the ARBERLAND Health Region Plus since the spring of 2015. You will find the office details and contact persons of the “ARBERLAND Health Region Plus” programme here.



The people behind #ichbinidealist (i am an idealist), work in the social sector and aim to show how diverse and inspiring the daily work of a pre-school educator, specialist nurse, medical assistant and social support worker is. The initiative’s website features a job finder to enable you to easily find just the right career in the social sector. The project entitled “Ich bin Idealist, du auch?”, which translates into “I’m an idealist, what about you?”, is sponsored by the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care and was set up as part of the district of Regen’s ARBERLAND Health Region Plus programme.



Help where help is needed. The German welfare organisation, Caritas, runs a number of facilities in ARBERLAND. The organisation’s district association, Kreis-Caritasverband Regen e.V., offers services and facilities to help people in our region in various situations. Click here to view job vacancies.



Lebenshilfe Regen e. V., aims to help people with a disability lead a self-determined and independent life. As part of public life, Lebenshilfe Regen stands for relationships between people with and without disabilities based on solidarity and equality. The organisation’s services include interdisciplinary early intervention, an integrated Kindergarten, the school, the support centre, Christophorusschule, a remedial child day care centre, medical services, drop-in centres and much more. Click here to view job vacancies.



Dr. Loew is a social care organisation that supports people with mental and physical impairments , senior citizens and young adults. Dr. Loew gives people who need help a supportive living environment and a new way of looking at their place in society. The three locations in the district of Regen are in Rabenstein, Schreinermühle and Bühling.

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Bavarian Red Cross (BRK)

With its senior citizen and care centres, mobile care, rescue service, everyday care services and socio-psychiatric services, the Regen branch of the Bavarian Red Cross helps save lives, assists people in emergencies, offers people companionship and so much more. Click here for apprenticeships and job vacancies.



Due to the diversity of social care apprenticeships and career opportunities in ABERLAND, we cannot guarantee that the information given here is complete. This list is a selection of the available options and is to serve as a guideline.

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